desert rose

Precious Jerichorose extracts have an intensive moisture-regulating and regenerating effect. This desert rose is known for its "resurrection effect...

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Fermentierte Kürbis-Enzyme

Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes

Fermented pumpkin enzymes, particularly rich in vitamins A, C and beta-carotene, antioxidants and minerals. Boosts cell renewal, pores are refined....

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Kurkuma Stammzellen-Extrakt

Turmeric Stem Cell Extract

Hairactivator - a patented active ingredient from the turmeric root regenerates hair follicles, reduces hair loss and reactivates hair growth. A cl...

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Hydrolisiertes Reisprotein

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

It gives the hair volume, strength, natural highlights and shine. It also provides a lot of moisture and ensures easy combing without static chargi...

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Yucatan Honig

Yucatan honey

Yucatan honey has a skin-soothing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and balancing effect. It gives a soothing scalp and smooth hair feeling. The honey ...

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walnut shells

Walnut shell powder is traditionally considered a natural hair dye and gives the hair a warm brown tone and a silky shine. It also coats the hair, ...

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pequi oil

Cold-pressed Pequi oil is obtained from the fruits of the Pequi tree and contains a high proportion of vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids. It ...

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Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf and fruit extract is a naturally derived anti-aging ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties. This prevents protein damage from l...

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Murumuru butter

Cold-pressed Murumuru butter is high in vitamin A and omega 6 and 9. It is a very intensive moisturizer for extremely sensitive skin. The butter re...

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poppy seeds

Cold-pressed poppy seed oil has a calming, restructive effect. It activates the antioxidant system, strengthens the skin's own barrier function and...

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mallow flowers

The mallow has a pronounced anti-irritant effect thanks to its high content of mucilage. It is used in particular for inflammatory skin conditions,...

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