1. Clean

2. Nourish

3. Toning

4. Strengths

5. Special treatments

5 steps beauty ritual

"Free hair is naturally healthy and beautiful."

Thin, lifeless hair, roots that get greasy quickly, dandruff formation: these are all indicators of how healthy our scalp is. The most common causes of hair and scalp problems include chemical colorants, harsh surfactants, silicones and microplastics, which are usually found in conventional dyes and supposed care products. NOELIE's organic active ingredient cosmetics repair your hair from the inside out, fill up micro-injuries in the hair fibers and also pamper your hair with seductive scents.

Step1 - Clean


A gentle and deep cleansing is the first step to a healthy scalp with strengthened, shiny hair. For this we recommend the handmade brush from NOELIE. Boar bristles are similar in structure to human hair. Metal and plastics strain the hair. Real bristles gently loosen deposits, absorb fats and carefully clean the scalp without damaging the natural acid mantle. Real bristles are gentle on skin and hair. Brushing oxygenates the scalp. The hair root can breathe freely again. For a well-groomed, healthy scalp.

Take two to three minutes to wash your hair. Actively massage NOELIE's nutrient-rich shampoos into the scalp. This removes product residue and everyday dirt and stimulates blood circulation. Natural surfactants gently cleanse skin and hair while hydrolyzed proteins nourish. The hair root is supplied with highly effective bio-active ingredients. Enjoy the intensive moisturizing care with a deep effect. For elasticity and lively freshness.

Step 2 - Nourish


Our scalp and hair roots have different needs than lengths and ends. The nourishing conditioners and hair masks from NOELIE provide the hair with nourishing proteins, vitamins and intensive moisture. This is how you round off your hair care routine.

A protein deficiency is immediately visible: the hair is limp, unruly, matt and dull. They cannot be styled. They lack energy. Chemical coloring, hair dryers, straightening irons, curling irons and bleaching damage the hair permanently. The more harmful factors affect it, the more proteins and nutrients the hair needs. with hydrolyzed proteins. These are proteins that are reduced in size using a special process. This enables them to rebuild the hair fiber from the inside out. For hair full of vitality and bounce.

Our hydrolyzed proteins are suitable for all types of hair: from low to medium to high porosity. For silky soft and healthy hair full of shine.

Step 3 - Toning


Did you know that there are around 150,000 hairs on the head of a human being and that each individual hair has a lifespan of three to seven years? That our hair absorbs a lot and, like our body, stores experiences, medicines, chemicals and everything that we ingest through food?

For NOELIE, hair is more than a decorative accessory. Hair is a carrier of information and living matter.

The COSMOS ORGANIC-certified hair care collection from NOELIE balances hair and scalp in a revitalizing and regenerating way; especially when the body's own processes are out of balance. Our effective Grow & Shine Hair Treatment Essence promotes hair growth and extends the life of the hair. The concentrate gives the hair strength and structure and harmonizes its own dynamics. It gives your hair volume, improves blood circulation in the scalp and has a stimulating and strengthening effect on the hair roots. An irritated scalp is immediately soothed and relaxed. Your hair can develop its full potential again and shine in its most beautiful form.

Step 4 - Strengths


Brittle and split ends, dry, dull hair? In summer, strains such as sun, chlorine and salt water take their toll on our hair. In winter, the cold and heated air removes moisture from the hair. Hats and scarves rub against the hair and keep charging it statically.

Our ultra-fine, delicately scented Grow & Shine Hair Treatment Elixir harmonises your hair. The nutrient-rich formula pampers the senses and provides lasting care. A high-quality oil-vitamin complex provides dry, porous hair with maximum moisture. The elixir protects against negative environmental influences, temperature fluctuations and hair breakage. It seals attacked spikes and reduces further damage. It contains nourishing oils that, thanks to their molecular structure, can be quickly absorbed by the hair. Your hair is wrapped and protected with a protective coat. Exquisite, powerful phytonutrients promote the healthy maintenance of the scalp. For visibly strengthened and voluminous hair.

Step 5 - Special treatment


Everyone has a bad hair day, but you can't tell by looking at everyone.

Sebaceous glands are located on the scalp, which produce oil and keep the hair supple. But with hormone fluctuations, stress and an unhealthy diet, the glands can produce too much sebum. The hair gets heavy. They can hardly be styled or tamed.

Fix, shape, model, accentuate - completely naturally, without sticking or weighing down!

Our Defining & Brilliance Hair Lacquer gives your hair fullness and Volume with an immediate effect, without weighing the hair down or making it sticky. The nourishing formula with natural film-forming agents and resins absorbs the lipids at the roots. It makes your hair look naturally voluminous 24/7. For days of good hair days.

  • chemical free
  • clinically proven
  • cosmos organic
  • cruelty free
  • highly bioactive ingrediants
  • made in germany
  • pregnancy suitable
  • vegan essences