Are NOELIE products suitable for allergy sufferers?

All NOELIE products have been clinically tested in the dermatological institute of the University Hospital in Mainz and their effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies. The NOELIE products are therefore very well tolerated and suitable for allergy sufferers. The NOELIE Skincare and NOELIE Haircare products are also tested and certified according to the strict guidelines of COSMOS ORGANIC.

Do NOELIE products contain water?

Instead of water, we only use fresh plant juices as the basis for our formulations. These include grape seed fresh plant juice, birch fresh plant juice, rose hydrolate, aloe vera fresh plant juice.

Do NOELIE products contain alcohol?

Cosmetic alcohols can be roughly divided into two groups: "Good" alcohols care for the skin and have a moisturizing effect. These are mostly fatty alcohols. "Bad" alcohols, on the other hand, dry out the skin, damage our cells and cause premature skin aging. Ethanol belongs to this group.
NOELIE products contain good alcohol and spirits.

Do NOELIE products contain glycerin?

Glycerin comes in different forms. There is synthetic and phyto glycerin. Phyto Glycerin is vegetable. The NOELIE products contain only vegetable glycerin, because phytoglycerin is a component of the plant extracts. With a proportion of between 5% and 8%, glycerin serves as a humectant and has a good binding effect. Anything higher than that has a drying effect.

Do NOELIE products contain essential oils?

An essential oil can consist of a mixture of more than a hundred different ingredients. Our NOELIE Skincare and Haircare products contain a small amount of essential oils. In a selected concentration, these serve as an antimicrobial and give the products a light, pleasant scent. We only use cold-pressed oils and extracts from the first pressing so that the highly effective nutrients are fully preserved.

Is a small amount of shampoo enough or do I have to use a lot of product?

NOELIE products are concentrates. Therefore, you only need a small amount of our shampoo and conditioner. On the other hand, if too much product is used, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Are the shampoos and conditioners actually 200ml?

Yes, all NOELIE shampoos and conditioners have a capacity of 200ml. The bottles are made of 95% sugar cane and the height includes a larger capacity than 200ml. Therefore, the bottles are not filled to the hilt with product. This also allows the shampoos and conditioners to be diluted. Legally, you may not deviate from the filling quantity that is specified.

Are there samples?

The NOELIE Skincare and Haircare packaging consists of 95% sugar cane. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we are currently unable to produce small sugar cane packaging. As a result, we are unable to offer trial sizes or a trial set at this time.