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Our lifting must-haves, which are ideal for the cold season - for firm, even and radiant skin.

The Christmas Set is a 4-piece set and consists of the following products:

  • Revitalizing Butter Repair Mask: Moisturizing 3 in 1 repair mask SOS mask + night care + moisturizing cleanser. Also ideal for skin irritations, acne, rosacea, couperose, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Deeply accelerates healing processes and repairs irritated and stressed skin. Immediately has an intensive moisturizing effect. The skin feels smoothed, soothed and strengthened. Ideal for all skin types - especially for very dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Ultra Lift Boost Complex: Experience noticeable rejuvenation with our highly concentrated lifting booster that adapts to the needs of your skin. Has a firming effect, promotes the skin's own production of collagen and accelerates the skin's renewal cycle. Suitable for every skin condition. Particularly recommended for thinning, weak or mature skin as well as couperose. Recommended for ages 25 and up.
  • Intense Firming & Expression Face Cream: Highly effective, nourishing power cream to support cell renewal and collagen production. It regenerates the skin deeply, ensures defined contours and provides intensive moisture. The skin-beautifying cream effectively counteracts skin sagging and reduces pigmentation disorders and age spots. Your skin regains its natural rosy radiance. Also ideal for the needs of skin aged 45 and over and during menopause.
  • Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid: Gentle care combines with highly effective power ingredients to create a delicate, rejuvenating serum - for radiant, balanced skin overnight. Smooths the skin while you sleep, fills in fine lines and stimulates the skin's own collagen formation. Expression wrinkles are relaxed and softened, and sagging areas around the mouth and eyes are tightened. Suitable for all skin types - especially for exhausted, pale or mature skin as well as for dark circles and the first signs of aging.