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Our Double Cleansing Ritual as the basis for beautiful skin - careful cleansing of the skin is the essential step, because only deeply cleansed skin can optimally absorb care and nutrients.

The 2-piece set consists of the following products:

  • Moisturizing Enzyme Face Cleansing Balm: Intensive triple power: This enzymatic cleansing balm combines balancing cleansing, gentle peeling and an intensive portion of moisture - for a pure, silky-soft and fresh skin feeling. The unique, innovative formula cleanses the skin effectively and deep into the pores. Removes makeup, deposits and excess sebum. The gentle cleansing balm has an absorbing, regenerating and moisturizing effect. It strengthens the skin deeply with highly effective antioxidants and vitamins that provide it with lasting moisture. Pores are refined, inflammation is reduced and the complexion improves. Ideal for every skin condition - especially for tired, dry skin in need of regeneration.
  • Purifying & Balancing Face Cleansing Gel: Combines gentle yet deeply effective cleansing with a calming effect. The skin is regenerated from deep down and supplied with highly effective power ingredients. The revitalizing cleansing gel with wake-up effect supports out-of-balance skin, refines the pores and visibly clears the complexion. It works against signs of impure skin such as pimples, blackheads, oily skin and clogged pores. The skin feels soothed and supple. It shines with new beauty, purity and freshness. Ideal for all skin types - especially for irritated, sensitive and impure skin.