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Discover the pure new beginning for your hair.

The starter set is a 7-piece set and consists of the following products as well as individual color advice:

  • Scalp & Hair Detox Mask: For chemically treated hair, thorough cleansing of the scalp and hair is essential. For this we recommend our prebiotic Scalp & Hair Detox Mask. It serves as a deep cleanse of the hair and scalp. It removes residues on the hair, such as care and styling residues, silicones, parabens, paraffins, microplastics, film images, sebum, dandruff particles and excess grease. These manipulate the color result so that the desired tone is usually only achieved after several colorings. At the same time, the Scalp & Hair Detox Mask serves as an anti-hair loss treatment. It has been scientifically proven to regenerate and optimize hair density, hair growth and hair quality. Ideal for itchy and inflamed scalp, quickly greasy hairline, hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis and neurodermatitis.
  • Personal Healing Herbs Hair Color: Together with our NOELIE herbal hair color experts, create your personal hair color that is individually tailored to your wishes and needs. Send us a photo of your current hair color via WhatsApp and let us know your wishes. If you don't have WhatsApp ( +49 163 8383226) , we can also advise you by email (service@noelie.com).
  • Rich Repair & Glossing Mask: The Rich Repair & Glossing Mask serves, among other things, as a post-treatment/glossing for the NOELIE plant hair color to seal the pigments and make the color last longer and shinier. It also builds up the hair in depth over the long term and has been proven to repair damaged hair. It ensures up to 96% fewer split ends, offers up to 24 hours of frizz control and heat protection up to 230°C. The Rich Repair & Glossing Mask provides intensive moisture, gives ultimate shine and weightless suppleness.
  • NOELIE coloring brushes: The strong yet gentle real boar bristle brushes ensure easy and particularly even application of your NOELIE plant hair color.
  • NOELIE coloring cap: With our coloring cap, the herbal hair color develops even better. This means you can achieve extraordinary luminosity and coverage – for intense shine, volume and structure.
  • It is very important to wash your hair with an organic certified shampoo and use an organic certified conditioner. You should avoid conventional products as long as you dye with herbal hair color so that the color result is not manipulated and the durability of the color is not reduced. With organic-certified products, the color pigments can fix themselves better in the hair and therefore the color does not wash out too quickly. That's why our starter set also contains the Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo and the Volume & Shine Hydrating Conditioner.

  • Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo: The Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo has a calming effect on irritated scalps, moisturizes without being greasy and stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth. Ideal for dandruff, itching and neurodermatitis or for hair affected by hormonal fluctuations or stress.

  • Volume & Shine Hydrating Conditioner: The Volume & Shine Hydrating Conditioner conjures up strength and fullness in your hair. It provides your hair with an extra portion of moisture and at the same time gives it powerful volume.