+ what makes us so special

  • COSMOS ORGANIC - All our products are certified and tested according to the strict guidelines of COSMOS ORGANIC.
  • We only use fresh plant juices as the basis for our formulations.
  • All our products are dermatologically tested.
  • We consistently refrain from animal testing.
  • We only use cold-pressed oils and extracts from the first pressing so that the highly effective nutrients are fully preserved.
  • We consistently avoid genetically modified ingredients and endocrine disrupting substances as well as silicones, propyl and butyl parabens, critical sulfates (SLS, SLES ALS), phthalates, harsh surfactants, paraffins, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, heavy metals and polyethylene glycols (PEG).
  • All our products are free from synthetic fragrances and dyes.
  • We don't make any compromises with our packaging either. Carefully selected high-quality materials such as our exclusive frosted glass protect our noble essences from external influences and other impairments. Our shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from over 95% sugar cane. All materials come from renowned manufacturers and are strictly tested and certified.