Immerse yourself in the world of NOELIE and start your new beginning in natural cosmetics with us!

NOELIE is a leader in cosmetic innovations based on natural molecular complexes. We create and produce effective and unique care products for skin and hair - for health and well-being in harmony with nature. The highest quality requirements for our high-performance active ingredients, which are obtained from natural sources, with absolute purity and proven effectiveness, combined with 10 years of research and development, promise noticeable and visible results.

The highest demands on our packaging

because we don't make any compromises with our packaging either. All materials come from renowned manufacturers and are strictly tested and certified. Carefully selected materials, such as the exclusive frosted glass, protect the precious essences from external influences and other impairments. The NOELIE Skincare and NOELIE Haircare bottles consist of more than 95% sugar cane. We offer the NOELIE Healing Herbs Hair Color in a UV-protected pot so that the medicinal herbs and superfoods do not oxidize. The labels of the NOELIE Healing Herbs Hair Color packaging and the NOELIE stickers are made of stone paper. We also use stone paper for shipping. The shipping carton is made of recyclable material.

We do without:

• Animal Testing

• Genetically modified ingredients and hormonal substances as well as silicones, propyl and butyl parabens, critical sulfates, phthalates, harsh surfactants, paraffins, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, heavy metals, polyethylene glycols (PEG) and microplastics

• synthetic fragrances and dyes

The woman behind NOELIE

Bahar Krahn

Hairdresser and beautician | Make-Up Artist | Pharmacist | Expert for herbal hair colors | Director of the Be Organic Institute in Wiesbaden | Founder of NOELIE | Mother

A Calling. These are the moments in life when we know - it's time to make our vision a reality. There was also such a moment for Bahar Krahn, the founder of NOELIE. And she followed this call.

- As early as 2012, Bahar Krahn founded the Be Organic beauty institute in Wiesbaden as a family business. Be Organic isn't just a name - it's Bahar's attitude and promise. The beauty institute Be Organic is a magical place for keeping skin and hair healthy, a natural hairdresser and specialist in herbal hair colors. Bahar's goal: real beauty, through the power of nature.

- Initially, Bahar worked with third-party brands at the Be Organic institute. However, the products did not live up to Bahar's vision, as natural cosmetics did not deliver transformative results. Inspired by her own customers at the Be Organic Institute and with a lot of passion, experience and a lot of heart, Bahar has developed her own products over the past 10 years - the birth of NOELIE.

- With her mission, Bahar Communicate that there are alternatives to chemical products - an alternative for you, your health and for the planet you live on.