What is the difference between NOELIE plant hair color and henna?

By Bahar Krahn, founder NOELIE

The topic of new beginnings is always particularly present for us, as it is also the meaning of our brand name NOELIE and a feature of our philosophy.

Today it's about a new beginning that is closely linked to identity and well-being: Can I dye my hair with herbal hair color ? This question is linked to identity, as we define ourselves, among other things, by our hair color and only feel good when the overall picture is consistent.

So when you think about whether our herbal hair colors will work for you, a lot of question marks arise at the same time.

“Are the NOELIE herbal hair colors like henna?”, “Are the NOELIE hair colors a tint?”, “Do your colors wash out again?”

One way or another, we receive inquiries every day from customers who are thinking about switching to NOELIE herbal hair colors . Today I'll make it clear to you again how the colors differ from each other.

How does herbal hair color work?

A herbal hair color envelops the hair in a gentle and supportive way. This means that it feels grippier , fuller and more voluminous after coloring. Since the structure adheres closely to the hair due to the tannic acid it contains with the vegetable pigments, it shines significantly more and has increased elasticity . Because it does not contain any oxidizing or swelling agents, the scalp is not softened and no toxins or microplastics are deposited.

Anyone who has ever had such a dyeing experience rarely wants to go back to traditional dyeing.

The more often you use it, the more weak points become apparent, especially on our fine, European hair: dryness, firm structure and results that are far too dark are common consequences that appear after a few uses. On the one hand, this is due to the plants used , which produce a lot of pigments in extreme climatic conditions, but these are not optimal for our European hair. On the other hand, the tannic acid content is also correspondingly high and, with repeated use, it drains our fine hair extremely.

Tannic acid is still used today to tan leather or animal hides. It permanently removes moisture and makes the hair structure hard and dry . It's like having lots of tanned leather fibers on your head. Who wants that anyway?

And are herbal hair colors colors or tints?

They are both and yet neither. If you use a plant hair color once and then don't use it again for months, it will wash out almost completely, like a dye . It also doesn't forcefully break the hair structure. But it dyes without chemical pigments that are suspected of being cancerous . Direct dyes, as tints are also called, contain all harmful and, above all , toxic components, apart from oxidizing agents.

A color has the advantage that the color does not wash out and at most fades . However, it is very invasive and causes massive damage to the hair structure. Herbal hair color does not do this. But if you color regularly, it is also sufficient to just re-color the roots . You can refresh the lengths and ends every few weeks or months. With long-term use, you get the durability of a color with a herbal hair color - just without hair damage and toxins .

Cultivation and processing are important characteristics of a good product

I have used plant hair colors from various manufacturers on myself and customers for years. Basically, it is a very hair-friendly , even caring way to color your hair, even if you have to counteract the drying effect. But there are also striking differences and avoidable weak points between the brands .

A natural product is subject to fluctuations due to growth, harvest and processing. A lavender oil can completely change its scent from one harvest to the next. The more extreme the conditions, such as the weather at the growing location, the greater the fluctuations.

The coloring power of a plant hair color and its consistent quality also depend on the conditions under which the components were grown, harvested, processed and transported. Plants from Asian countries , for example, have significantly more pigments than plant components from less extreme growing regions.

Color mixtures from there are also mostly tested on Asian hair, which absorbs pigments very differently and therefore produces a different coloring result than on fine, European hair. We then apply it here and are amazed at the result: too dark , too red , undesirable green reflections or violet color phenomena occur much more often than they should.

Another weak point is its cultivation in industrialized countries , which have been leaders in the textile industry for decades. The soil is full of heavy metals, fungicides and pesticides , and so is the water. It is therefore almost unavoidable that a corresponding concentration is found in the plants. For me it's an absolute no-go, as there are still enough growing areas that have less contaminated soil and offer a more constant environment.

What makes NOELIE different?

Our NOELIE herbal hair colors are herbal hair colors - only without their weak points and with additional benefits .

We only grow our plants in areas and countries where the soil guarantees us the greatest possible freedom from pollutants and the growing conditions are as constant as possible. After the harvest, every delivery is checked in Germany: quality , purity and effectiveness must meet our standards and raw materials that do not meet these must be screened out and otherwise processed.

The pigments are also very potent, but tailored to European hair. This allows for a finer, clearer color and less tannic acid .

In order to counteract the drying out caused by the remaining tannic acid content, I have developed the patented 3HC technology over 10 years of research. When mixed with warm water, the molecular complex of polysaccharide liposomes release fatty acids , which intensively care for the hair and protect it from drying out.

An example of what this means: When women reach menopause, their entire hormonal balance changes. Minerals , vitamins and especially fatty acids are broken down and this is noticeable in the hair. The result is frizzy, tighter and dry hair. Together with the lack of pigments when graying, conventional dyes or high tannic acid content, the structure appears dull, hard and brittle . With the NOELIE plant hair colors, more important fatty acids are stored again, which positively change the entire feel of the hair . It is shiny, supple and nourished and cared for from root to tip.

In addition, all NOELIE herbal hair colors are enriched with medicinal herbs and organic active ingredients . Healing moor extract, Jiaogulan, organic hyaluronic acid, acacia collagen and tannins, which additionally protect against tannic acid and heat damage , are just a small part of the active ingredients used. They are transported particularly deeply into the hair structure by the liposomal transport system and repair it from the inside out every time it is colored.

The particularly fine grinding favors the coloring of the selected pigments on our fine hair. However, because they are inserted so deeply, coloring on Asian, African or Southern hair becomes child's play.

So that you can store your paint safely, you will receive your plant pigments in a dark satin glass jar , sealed airtight . When plant hair colors oxidize with air and light over a longer period of time, the color changes and pollutants are formed that do not belong on the head. With us there is no contact with plastic, no oxidation, no color change.

Why do I have to change care when your colors are so potent?

During the consultation, it sometimes almost seems to me as if the customer was trying to justify herself to us as a plant dye manufacturer. We only want to know enough about your care past in order to create the optimal plan for an excellent care and color alternative for the future. You don't have to justify your path, it's yours. But our job is to meet you where you are.

Your hair is damaged and split, dull or difficult to comb, the color isn't brilliant or your scalp is completely out of balance - something has definitely encouraged you to call us or write us a message and at least think about an alternative . If we are to present these to you now, we need your cooperation.

Therefore, we first want to know what you have used to color your hair so far. Because your hair is subject to different levels of stress, pigmentation and full of old chemicals and care residues .

Your conventional cleaning and care products also contain a lot of silicones, film formers, plasticizers and plastic . With every color, wash and care process, these residues in and on the scalp increase.

As long as you dyed conventionally, these fillers were important too. With our NOELIE herbal hair colors they are not only unnecessary, but also annoying.

So if you want to switch to our NOELIE plant hair color , it is important to free your hair from these disruptive factors and use coordinated products. This way you get good results from day one.

Unfortunately, many people start without prior advice and are then disappointed when the result is not as desired. Rumors also arise that herbal hair dyes do not cover gray hair, always turn red or green and look unkempt. It's all about the basics: If this is right, the results with NOELIE are just as reliable as with conventional colors, only healthy.

Wash, care and style from the first time you color your hair with the NOELIE plant hair color at the latest using our products that match the colors or at least with certified natural cosmetics . In Germany, the terms natural cosmetics and herbal hair colors are not protected, so you have to make sure that your products are free of disruptive factors. You can recognize certified natural cosmetics by their seals , which regulate what can and cannot be included.

Conclusion - you get the chance for a completely new hair and skin feeling

NOELIE plant hair colors enable you to use them easily and reliably with the highest care and quality standards. It's clearly not just any henna that costs €10 per hundred grams.

From the individual plant to the jar, all of my experience and research goes into these recipes. I wanted it to be not only sustainable and fair, but also luxurious and caring for your hair on a new level that hasn't existed before.

And I succeeded.

If I see that I can improve something, I see no reason not to do it. And you will feel that in every NOELIE product.