The importance of the microbiome for skin health

By Bahar Krahn, founder NOELIE

In order to produce high-quality facial care, you have to know and understand the skin and its functions. Of course, it is possible to create a variety of care products in the laboratory - but using them effectively on the skin is an art in itself: it is crucial that the active ingredients are in harmony with each other and that the skin's needs are not forgotten. to create high-quality and effective unique pieces.

During the development process of the NOELIE Skincare series, I was able to use every formulation I was working on directly on my customers during beauty treatments at the Be Organic Institute , natural hairdresser & natural cosmetics salon. This gave me direct insights into the absorption of the respective product, the possible improvements achieved on the skin's appearance and the optimally effective molecule size in the manufacturing process. It became clear to me: the quality and sophistication of the formulation are irrelevant if the skin microbiome is not in balance.

What exactly is the skin barrier & skin microbiome?

The skin barrier

Your skin is the largest organ and consists of 3 main layers: the upper layer (epidermis), the dermis (dermis) and the lower layers (subcutis).

The skin barrier is part of the outermost layer of the epidermis, which protects it from the outside world and helps the skin retain water, maintain moisture levels and protect against impurities. It is a waterproof seal that holds the outer layers of the skin together.

When these outer layers are healthy, skin feels soft, supple and plump. However, if the outer layers are damaged, the skin may look dull and feel rough or dry. When the skin barrier is compromised or damaged, the skin loses elemental substances that keep skin cells intact. This leads to water loss and the skin becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of external aggressors. Not surprisingly, a compromised skin barrier also makes it difficult to reduce signs of aging and breakouts.

The skin microbiome

The skin microbiome, also known as microflora, acts as part of your skin barrier. The skin microbiome refers to the entirety of all microorganisms that occur on our skin. These include bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The condition of your skin can depend on whether the microorganisms in the skin microbiome are in balance. If this is the case, your skin’s microbiome protects you from external influences such as pathogens. The skin microbiome can therefore be described as a kind of protective shield that, together with your skin barrier and the correct pH value, ensures that your skin is in good condition. In addition to beautiful skin, the skin microbiome also helps defend against pathogens and supports your immune system.

If you suddenly experience skin irritation or if your skin is prone to acne, redness, itching or neurodermatitis, the cause may be that your skin microbiome is out of balance. The reason for this can be external influences, an unhealthy lifestyle or incorrect care. To support your skin barrier and your skin microbiome, there are a few things you can consider when choosing care products.

Prebiotic and probiotic cosmetics for healthy skin

When you hear the word “prebiotics” or “probiotics”, the first thing that comes to mind is yoghurts and the intestines. Foods that are mixed with prebiotic or probiotic active ingredients and stimulate and strengthen digestion. Prebiotic and probiotic cosmetics are designed to keep the skin microbiome intact and bring it back into balance.

Prebiotic cosmetic products contain substances that serve as a food source for good microorganisms. They provide them with optimal conditions for reproduction and support them in defending themselves against pathogens. The unbalanced skin environment is balanced in order to function optimally, itself to regenerate and his Protective functions again to record. Acne heals, irritation disappears, cells regenerate - used correctly, prebiotics ensure cosmetics within fewer days, often already after the first Application for visible results.

Probiotic cosmetics, on the other hand, are directly mixed with foreign bacteria that are intended to strengthen the skin barrier. However, if the skin is out of balance and the cause is not addressed, foreign bacteria will be of no use. On the contrary: you will put further strain on the skin microbiome as it now has to deal with the imbalance and the foreign bacteria.

Prebiotics as the basis for healthy skin and optimal absorption capacity

I was able to test this theory in practice and was able to observe with my customers that using prebiotics instead of probiotics is the right way to develop my organic-certified active ingredient cosmetics. After all, what good is an excellent cosmetic line if it can't be absorbed?

This is how products such as ourPrebiotic Skin Recharge Treatment were created – a prebiotic 7-day skincare ampoule treatment . We were the first beauty brand in Germany to use a very high proportion of fermented honey from the rare black bee. This active ingredient serves as a superfood for the skin microbiome , strengthens it and ensures that redness and irritation are alleviated with the first application . The skin's self-healing powers are supported so that inflammation and impurities can heal.

Together with other high-performance active ingredients , the skin immediately radiates and appears visibly rejuvenated and relaxed . The immediate effect is long-lasting and has a lasting, deep effect.

The Prebiotic Skin Recharge Treatment is the ideal product to switch to NOELIE facial care . Because it ensures that the skin is perfectly balanced and that the subsequent cosmetics can be optimally absorbed and processed. In every transition phase, when you are stressed or just when you feel like it: Our Prebiotic Skin Recharge Treatment brings your skin back into balance.

A common but often neglected concern concerns the health of our scalp . Many people also struggle with unpleasant scalp problems, be it itching, sensitivity or other complaints.

Aggressive surfactants often act on the scalp and destroy the skin barrier and metabolism at the same time. Greasy hair, dandruff, itching and hair loss are just a small selection of problems that can occur here.

Our Scalp & Hair Detox Mask also has a nourishing and balancing effect on the skin microbiome of your scalp . It is rich in medicinal plants and minerals so that the skin barrier is strengthened and regenerated. The medicinal moor extract contained is rich in humic acid and trace elements to provide an optimal breeding ground for the skin microbiome and healthy hair growth. Even when used once a week, the Scalp & Hair Detox Mask can be an absolute game changer when it comes to scalp problems and hair loss .

Starting today, every new beginning begins with balance

Finally, it is important to recognize that it is not enough to simply change the series or product. Rather, it is crucial to understand that the skin must first find its balance. A thorough understanding of how the skin works shows that forcing something on it is unlikely to be successful. Rather, their individual characteristics need to be strengthened in order to bring out their best side. In this aspect the skin closely resembles its wearers.