our promise

"We believe in sustainability, fairness and 100% transparency."

The skin is an individualist. No one is like her. And depending on certain internal and external influences, it may need something different tomorrow than it does today. For this reason, there are no skin types, no categories, no one-size-fits-all sizes and standards at NOELIE. What counts is the moment. In the meantime, the desire for natural care without chemicals no longer requires compromises. Our certified organic active ingredient cosmetics combine sustainable values ​​with immediately noticeable effectiveness and sensual pleasure. The result is care products that meet even the highest demands with their performance, fine aromas and delicate textures. With NOELIE you experience the pure luxury of nature.

Our promise: you can rely on it

For our organic active ingredient cosmetics NOELIE, we only use the purest and highest quality substances from nature. NOELIE care products are able to positively influence the structure and skin functions and, with consistent use, to achieve healthier, optimally functioning skin with visible improvements. We use liposomal formulations and bioengineered active ingredients derived from natural sources. Due to their tailor-made molecular size and improved bioavailability, they can be optimally transported from the skin to the deeper skin cells. This allows the skin to regenerate itself from within. NOELIE is the first certified organic active ingredient cosmetics in the premium sector, in which only fresh organic plant juices are used instead of water: the purest hydrosols from the first pressing and of the highest quality. Our products are free from synthetic dyes and fragrances, PEG, silicones, mineral oils and genetically modified ingredients. We don't use anything tested on animals. We believe in absolute transparency and are committed to an environmentally friendly and fair production and manufacturing process. All of our products are clinically tested. Before they can come into contact with skin and hair, they have to fully meet our demanding standards according to the organic and natural cosmetics guidelines of COSMOS Organic. Because: The best is just good enough for us.

Plunge into the world of NOELIE and experience beauty with all your senses.