Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid

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NOELIE Natural Cosmetics - Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid, 30g

  • The precious Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid actively uses the rest of the night. It stimulates the natural renewal processes, strengthens, smoothes and reduces wrinkles. The skin seems to rejuvenate while you sleep and starts the next day visibly relaxed – firmer, well padded and full of luminosity.
  • During the night, the skin processes the stresses of the day, regenerates and gathers new strength. She doesn't need protection from environmental influences now, but constructive, regenerating care that lets her breathe easy. The unique Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid fulfills your need for rest and powerfully supports the cellular recovery mechanisms. It specifically repairs skin damage, reduces signs of aging, provides intensive moisture and stores it in the skin over the long term.
  • The velvety fluid based on grape fruit water combines efficient bio-active ingredients in the highest possible concentration - to an extraordinary "reparation" elixir for exhausted skin. At the heart of the formula is the Deep Regenerating Rejuvenation Complex:
  • Exclusive prickly pear seed oil and raspberry seed oil maintain elasticity and resilience. Supported by moisturizing baobab oil, which has a smoothing effect on the skin and protects the natural barrier function. Highly effective ginsenosides stimulate the skin's own collagen formation and supply the skin cells with oxygen. Goji berries promote cell regeneration, tiger grass extract tightens contours. Spilanthol, a revolutionary active ingredient from paracress with a botox-like effect, relaxes facial expressions and reduces wrinkles. A liposomal formula ensures that the power substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin so that they can develop their full effect there.
  • The skin seems to rejuvenate while you sleep and starts the next day firmer, well padded and radiantly fresh.

Suitable for which skin type

  • Ideal for all types of skin – especially for sallow and uneven skin in need of regeneration, as well as for dark circles, the onset of age spots and dilated capillaries.

Our application ritual

Good night massage:

1 - Take three to four pumps of the velvety Deep Regenerating Antioxidant Night Fluid. Gently warm the fluid with your fingertips to bring it up to body temperature. This is how the valuable bio-active substances are activated.

2 – Gently stroke your hands over the cheekbones: starting at the chin to the base of the ears, then from the upper lip over the corners of the mouth towards the temples.

3 – Swipe your index and middle fingers from the nostrils up the nose to the pressure points between the eyebrows. Apply light pressure to these pressure points with your index fingers and take a few deep breaths.

4 - Complete the grooming ritual by first stroking with your left hand from the right temple and over the cheekbones and neck to the right collarbone. Then with the right hand from the left temple and over the cheekbones and neck to the left collarbone.

+ Ingredients - INCI

Latin QUALITATIVE INCI (CTFA) Vitis Vinifera Fruit Water*, Pentylene Glycol, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Aqua, S...

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+ Bio-active ingredients

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+ what makes us so special

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  • chemical free
  • clinically proven
  • cosmos organic
  • cruelty free
  • highly bioactive ingrediants
  • made in germany
  • pregnancy suitable
  • vegan essences

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karola K.

Super, ergiebiges Fluid. Meine Pigmentflecken sind dank des Fluids besser geworden.Ich steige jetzt auf die komplette Gesichtspflege um.

Katrin Altmann
Ganz leicht

Das Night Fluid ist ganz leicht und zieht gut ein. So mag ich es für die Nacht. Morgens sieht meine Haut ganz frisch aus, trotz der Leichtigkeit.
Klare Kaufempfehlung!

Anette M.

Es gibt kein besseres Produkt für die Nacht.
Ich liebe den Duft, die Konsistenz und natürlich die Wirkung.

Anja F.

Dieses Nachtserum ist wirklich toll. Ich mag nachts nur wenig auf meiner Haut, und dieses Fluid ist nicht zu nährend, sondern einfach perfekt. Morgens sieht die Haut wirklich total erholt aus. Ich bin bgeistert!

Finja Hanneman

Das Night Fluid war das erste Produkt von Noelie, welches ich ausprobiert habe und ich bin begeistert. Ich habe mir jetzt die komplette Kosmetiklinie gekauft und meine Haut ist ein Traum. Toll finde ich auch, dass Noelie auf unsere Umwelt und eine faire Herstellung des Produktes achtet.