Silver Treatment - Healing Herbs

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NOELIE Silver Treatment, Healing Herbs 100g

Bye, bye yellow. Hello, NOELIE Silver Treatment.

Our new plant-based innovation is here! The miracle weapon against YELLOW TINT!

  • The NOELIE Silver Treatment is the first treatment that counteracts the yellow tinge in blonde and white hair with highly concentrated plant-based violet pigments.
  • The violet pigments do not come from harmful, synthetic color pigments, but were obtained from, among other things, blue mallow blossoms, geranium roots, poppies and lavender.
  • The result: cool blonde tones and a silky hair feel
  • A compensation from superfoods such as baobab, maca, moringa leaves, collagen from acacia and organic hyaluronic acid from Tremella fuciformis also provide moisture. Collagen and amino acids also strengthen the hair fiber.
  • Excessively stressed hair is cared for from the depths - for visibly healthy and tangibly supple hair.
  • Thanks to NOELIE's revolutionary and patented 3HC-Technology®, the NOELIE Silver Treatment can continue to work in the cuticle layer - without breaking it open. The liposomes made of lecithin serve as an ideal transport system to transport medicinal herbs and superfoods to the hair fiber. The hair is thus covered with a protective, structure-building film. This strengthens each strand from the inside and seals it from the outside.


  • The NOELIE Silver Treatment is ideal for blonde and white hair to counteract the yellow tinge. Ideal for damaged and fine hair.

+ We care for you

WE CARE FOR YOU With NOELIE Healing Herbs Hair Color you color and care for your hair with 100% natural compositions of medicinal plant pigments an...

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+ application

1. STEP Prepare Silver TreatmentTo rid hair and scalp of build-up, silicones and styling products, wash your hair with a certified silicone-free sh...

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+ Ingredients - INCI

Malvae silv. pile. grandifl. pulv., Rhoeados papaveris Flor. pulv., Lavandulae Flor. Lavandin pulv., Pelargonium sidoides Rad. pulv., Peat Extract,...

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  • chemical free
  • clinically proven
  • cosmos organic
  • cruelty free
  • highly bioactive ingrediants
  • made in germany
  • pregnancy suitable
  • vegan essences

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amalie Dehnert

Endlich etwas, was meinen intensiven Gelbstich in meinen blonden Haaren zu 100% wegnimmt! Ich liebe es!

Sabina Kürschner

Besser als jedes Silber Shampoo! Ich bin sehr begeistert von diesem Treatment. Es muss nur mit warmem Wasser angerührt werden und kann dann auf die Haare aufgetragen werden. Es hält wochenlang meinen Gelbstich fern.

Karolin Kirstein

Mit diesem Treatment habe ich meinen Gelbstich aus den Haaren bekommen. Einfach 30 Minuten aufgetragen und schon war das intensive Gelb weg. Wirklich toll!

Fabienne Reiter

Perfektes Treatment gegen meinen Kupferstich. Meine Haare neigen dazu leicht orange-rötlich zu werden. Mit diesem Treatment habe ich es das erste Mal geschafft diesen ungewollten Reflex zu neutralisieren. Ich bin begeistert.