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1. STEP | Optimal preparation for a beautiful color result

In order to free your hair from deposits, silicone and conventional styling products, we recommend a thorough pre-cleansing of the scalp and your hair. For this we recommend the Cleansing & Purifying Treatment from NOELIE®. Then wash your hair with the certified, silicone-free Scalp Stimulating Shampoo from NOELIE®. Do not use conditioner or treatment after washing your hair, this reduces the color absorption capacity of your hair.

2. STEP | Cleansing & Purifying Treatment anmix

Gather a bowl, whisk (non-metallic), gloves, and warm water. Shake your colorless Healing Herbs Treatment vigorously before use so that the active ingredients can mix optimally. Stir your powdered herbal mixture in the bowl while adding water at a maximum of 40 degrees until you get a smooth, creamy texture. The Healing Herbs Cleansing & Purifying Treatment is ready to apply

3. STEP | Apply Cleansing & Purifying Treatment

Put a towel on your shoulders and use a brush to apply the treatment evenly and quickly to towel-dried hair from roots to ends, part by part. Leave the Healing Herbs Cleansing & Purifying Treatment on for 15-35 minutes as needed.

NOELIE | Exposure times

Vanilla Biscuit Blonde: 75 degrees, 10-30 min.

Golden Honey Blonde: 75 degrees, 10-30 min.

Honey Caramel Mix Blonde: 75 degrees, 20-60 min.

Spicy Ginger: 75 degrees, 20-60 min.

Golden Walnut Brown: 50 degrees, 30-90 min.

Chocolate Brown: 50 degrees, 30-90 min.

Black coffee: 50 degrees, 45-90 min.

Personal Healing Herbs Hair Color: see the color table above and decide on your personal shade, dark or light.

Cleansing & Purifying Treatment: 40 degrees, 15-35 min.

Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment: 40 degrees, 30-60 min.

4. STEP | Rinse out Cleansing & Purifying Treatment

Rinse the colorless treatment well with lukewarm water. Please do not use shampoo now, so that the color pigments can optimally adhere to your hair during the forthcoming dyeing. As a perfect finish after colouring, we recommend the NOELIE® Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment, a protein treatment that rebuilds the deep structure of the hair, seals the pigments and makes the color last for a long time. Then ideally use a NOELIE® conditioner or our hair mask.

NOELIE | Safety Instructions

Be sure to follow the instructions for use.

  • Use only on intact skin.
  • Do not breathe powder dust.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If the product is in
  • gets in eyes, rinse immediately.
  • Please check the color for temperature before application,
  • to rule out burns.