Do I really need eye care?

By Bahar Krahn, founder NOELIE

At 0.5 mm and almost no subcutaneous fat, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of your face - and one of the most stressed. As mentioned in the last post, you will find around 22 muscles around your eyes. In addition to the many conscious eye movements we make during the day, there are also many unconscious ones, including at night.

Since there are hardly any sebum or sweat glands around the eyes, we quickly lose moisture and elasticity in the eye area. This is fatal given the high level of wear and tear: the first wrinkles and fine lines tend to show up here.

So yes, you need eye care! Many customers see eye care as an additional or “nice to have”. I say it's even a basic that you shouldn't miss out on. When you meet someone, you look into their face and, ideally, into their eyes. And as we all know, the first impression is often the most important.

Environmental influences

Not only your facial expressions, but also simple environmental influences such as daylight, exhaust fumes, street dust and staring at a screen put enormous strain on your eye area. If you go without make-up in the evening and wipe the eye area with a good cleanser and a white make-up removal pad, you will be amazed at what has been deposited there. The skin has to protect itself, metabolize and fight off anything that harms it or tries to penetrate it. This costs energy and therefore moisture. But here it just doesn't hold up well. Because the skin is so thin here, it evaporates particularly quickly.

The so-called “blue light”, which is contained in daylight but also in your cell phone and screens in general, causes your skin to age significantly faster. It penetrates the skin significantly deeper than UV radiation and damages our cells because it promotes the formation of free radicals. This leads to premature aging of the skin.

First signs of skin aging

It often starts with the laugh lines - they appear on the outer edge of the eyes and look very charming. At least as long as they disappear again after laughing. When they appear permanently, most people are initially surprised: the first wrinkles!

It's like gray hairs: they show up where everyone can see them. If you haven't slept enough or drank enough, dark shadows and bags under your eyes will appear.

Fat eyes are often a result of too little fluid (coffee doesn't count!!!), because then the slag in your lymphatics becomes thick. The thicker it gets, the more likely it is to “stand” in strategically unfavorable places. So cushions and swellings form, which we then affectionately call bags under the eyes.

Of course you can have everything injected or tightened. Unfortunately, it's like a balloon that you keep inflating: it wears out. So the problem becomes more and more unsightly over time.

Eye care – when?

So should we start planning eye care for our 16th birthday? That would actually be a bit early, because at this point the skin is still fully able to regenerate and is running at full speed.

In fact, it reached its peak around our 25th birthday and began to decline from then on. So this is exactly the right time to expand your daily routine. Used regularly, it can counteract, protect and regenerate premature signs of skin aging where your skin can no longer manage on its own.

What does eye care have to be able to do?

When I started working on it, my aim was that a little miracle had to happen here. I have gotten to know many different eye creams in my career - but in the long term and especially for all needs, none of them could permanently convince me.

Too light, too greasy, barely firming or so firm that it “tightened” all day long, irritating to the eyes, no long-term effect, no visible effect – I could go on for hours listing all the things I have tried and experienced.

Of course, this is only subjective perception: That's why I have once again incorporated our customers' experiences into my Be Organic Institute to find out what the perfect eye cream has to be able to do.

The NOELIE Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream is the result of years of research and subsequent studies on customers. And every deficit that I experienced and saw led to a super ingredient that could fix it.

Applied morning and evening, it will protect, strengthen, regenerate, smooth and make your skin shine, immediately noticeable and visible. Do we also recommend tapping? Absolutely! Because it gets your lymph going, so that swelling and bags under the eyes are also counteracted.

Moisture and relaxation

To ensure that important moisture can penetrate from the top to the deepest layer of the skin, the Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream contains hyaluronic acid in three chain lengths. Although it can have a direct and visible effect, it also has an intensively moisturizing effect in the long term.

Spilanthol obtained from paracress, also called “ Green Botox ”, relaxes conscious and unconscious muscle contractions so that you can see the first fine lines being reduced as soon as you apply it.

Other fine lines, such as the unloved nasolabial or frown lines, also benefit from these two active ingredients and are “softened” when applied.

In order to optimally fill the skin's water channels, these great active ingredients have to go deep down: That's why we use our liposomal transport system here again. So nothing has to be injected, our “ Green Botox ” simply slides into exactly the right, deep places, coated with liposomal.

Delay signs of aging

Skin aging begins when our cells no longer regenerate as quickly and sustainably as they used to. But the longer you support these processes, the later the first signs will appear.

We work with innovative stem cell technology from edelweiss to support the longevity of your skin cells. As an active ingredient complex supported by the plant extract of the silk tree, it lies like an invisible, supportive network in your cell structure and regenerates the elasticity of your skin.

Bush clover extract also has a firming effect and also has the property of strengthening your skin's own protection against the harmful blue light.

The Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream is also ideally equipped to combat dark shadows under the eyes: the mineral pigments it contains reflect the light and leave a delicate shimmer that makes your eye area shine. Like a nourishing concealer that is additionally supported by the highly antioxidant gardenia extract . Antioxidants optimally counteract radical environmental influences such as exhaust fumes and road dust and protect you all day long.

I can't use eye cream, I wear contact lenses

I understand you! At a point where the skin merges into the mucous membrane, we cannot tolerate certain substances. For example penetrating oils. They make our eyes water, burn and ruin our makeup. Nevertheless, I found it in every other eye cream.

Especially when we wear contact lenses or glasses, our eyes tend to be dry and particularly sensitive. That's why our Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream doesn't contain any of these annoying oils.

On the contrary: it has been formulated to be particularly compatible and dermatologically tested so that even the most sensitive eye area can enjoy it. Even with contact lenses.

Innovation instead of cosmetic surgery

Of course, it's great that surgery can help many people change their appearance for the better these days. But it is always extremely invasive. One of the most common cosmetic surgeries besides the nose is the eye lift. And eye creams are usually for the area under and next to the eyes - but what do you do when the upper eyelid starts to sag?

There is actually not just one herb that can be used to combat this: Beautyfeye ® is an active ingredient complex made from extracts of the silk tree and aster . An active ingredient is extracted from the bark of the silk tree that stimulates the skin's own detoxification while stimulating blood circulation in the finest capillaries. Dark circles are visibly reduced thanks to the improved blood circulation. Pigmentation is regulated and dark shadows no longer stand a chance.

At the same time, the aster stimulates collagen production and optimally balances all skin functions and soothes to counteract overreactions. This creates an immediate lifting effect that tightens your upper eyelid and makes your entire eye area appear more awake and radiant - here too, the effectiveness has been proven by studies.

5x protection throughout the day

The Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream is a faithful companion in all situations: As the heart of every NOELIE care ritual, it should not be missing from your daily routine, as it optimally smoothes, protects, regenerates, relaxes and makes your most sensitive and at the same time visible skin areas shine.

Numerous “moments” went into the development of this little miracle. So that you can enjoy perfect moments.