Must-haves in winter

By Bahar Krahn, founder NOELIE

Everything in life has its time. Nature has a rhythm that we follow. The better we adapt to it, the easier it is for us to stay centered.

Our seasons are also a rhythm that always comes and goes. Autumn impressively shows us how colorful and happy letting go can be and that change always means renewal.

Our skin also renews itself every 28 days and needs a completely different type of support, especially in winter. The same applies here: If you adapt your care rituals, your skin can remain strong and unwelcome signs such as dryness and feelings of tension are avoided.

Your hair will also retain its strength and vitality if you avoid stress factors and care for and protect it appropriately during the cold season.

We developed our NOELIE products with precisely this in mind, so that your skin and hair can remain in balance in every phase of life - and therefore you too.

Metabolism on the back burner

In order to regulate the large temperature fluctuations, your skin all over your body does hard work - an example: It's -4 °C bitterly cold outside and now you come home to 22 °C dry heated air. That's simply 18 °C, which your organism has to regulate in just a few minutes. Your vessels suddenly expand to supply blood to the upper layers of the skin again.

The soon rosy glowing cheeks, warm hands and feet cost your skin a lot of moisture. She had already suffered from the cold air before. The skin's metabolism slows down enormously at temperatures as low as 8 °C. It produces significantly less fat and moisture. If your stratum corneum stores around forty percent moisture in summer, this can drop to less than ten percent in winter. Since less skin oil is produced, it is much more difficult to lock in and retain moisture.

Scarves and collars further irritate the surface of the skin. They scratch and rub where there is never any material and cause cracks and itching.

Your care now has to look completely different than in summer.

Gentle cleaning

Realize that your skin needs to perform at its best in winter, as you can see from its exhausted appearance. But that doesn't have to be the case, because you can support them. Cleanse gently, once in the morning and once in the evening, without drying out additionally. In the morning you remove all the toxins that were excreted during the night from your skin and prepare it optimally for subsequent care. In the evening, take off your makeup and street dust to relieve your skin.

If it is very tight, you can use our NOELIE Revitalizing Butter Repair Mask at least once a day use. You might like it easier for the second cleansing: The NOELIE Moisturizing Enzyme Cleansing Balm also cleanses gently, refreshes at the same time and surprises with an enzymatic peeling effect that you notice immediately: your skin is revitalized, refined and nourished. In addition to the cleansing effect, which also removes make-up deep into the pores, your skin is enriched with rich antioxidants and strengthened with active ingredient extracts from edelweiss and pansy. So she can face the next winter walk calmly.

Intensive care – but please in the right place

I could now describe for pages how your skin retreats to protect the body from heat loss. Because a lot is happening there. But there's actually only one thing that's important: your skin runs on the back burner in winter to protect itself. The blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin slows down in the cold, making us appear pale and colorless. The better you care for and protect yourself, the more radiance your skin can retain, even in winter.

Even in winter, moisture is essential for your skin - but in the wrong place it can quickly become dangerous. Simply applied, it freezes on the surface, where it can even cause damage. Extremely water-containing creams are also more of a disadvantage here. First-degree symptoms of frostbite and burst capillaries can result.

Just like regenerating active ingredients, moisture belongs in the deeper layers of the skin. Here it is the fuel for your cells, keeps them plump and stimulates your metabolism. But how does she get there?

Our skin barrier doesn't let anything through that it doesn't classify as the body's own. So that our active and care ingredients get where we want them, we coat them “liposomally”. This sophisticated transport system ensures that active ingredients can even penetrate into the basal cell layer - this is the skin layer in which our skin cells are formed. There they can revitalize and moisturize, especially in winter. Because here the moisture can no longer freeze.

Our NOELIE Intense Firming & Expression Face Cream moisturizes with spilanthol obtained from paracress, also called “Green Botox”. Through liposomal technology, this and other active ingredient complexes from edelweiss stem cells reach the skin renewal layer, ensure vital, plumped skin and stimulate collagen synthesis. Feather-light oils melt into the surface of your skin - you will hardly feel them, but they optimally protect your skin from cold and loss of moisture. A little spoiler at this point: In the next blog you will find out more about liposomes and active ingredients, because they are at the heart of our NOELIE cosmetics .

Do you know that delicate layer of skin on your face?

It's the eye area - there are actually 22 muscles just around your eyes that are constantly in motion. For this to be possible, the skin here must be thin and flexible. So it needs special protection and care. In winter, it is this area that is most likely to lose what it needs for healthy skin metabolism - you should also give it very special care!

Here, too, simply applying grease doesn't help. Most protective creams or fats available on the market contain synthetically identical components, which do not care and are also drying. However, if a fat seals your skin, as is often the case with synthetic alternatives, a so-called “occlusive effect” occurs. Firstly, your skin is sealed airtight so that even less skin metabolism can take place. Secondly, the heat accumulates under the layer. You can often tell when your skin starts to sweat quickly. In the long term, it also ensures a permanent expansion of your upper blood vessels. They wear out and burst over time, becoming visible as unsightly red lines around the nose and eyes.

With the NOELIE Illuminating Crystal Eye Cream, your eye area receives direct and long-term moisture through various hyaluronic acid components. The muscles are relaxed and fine lines are immediately smoothed. Of course, your skin also receives delicate but sufficient protection from the cold without closing it off.

Protect & care for skin - without heat build-up

Some say the greasier the better. I say: It is very important to use good fats and to apply them sensibly to the skin. In winter we need them for protection more than ever. Without it, the skin becomes dry, cracked and brittle. This hurts and looks unsightly.

However, if the fats, oils and waxes applied are synthetically recreated, the “occlusive effect” often occurs again, which we now know is not good for our skin.

Natural fats, waxes and oils in the right concentration protect your skin without sealing it off. Cupuacu and Murumuru butter, avocado butter and shea butter protect and strengthen your skin barrier, smooth and preserve precious skin moisture. You can find it, for example, in our NOELIE Revitalizing Butter Repair Mask , which as a 3-in-1 product should not be missing in your bathroom as an absolute multi-tasking talent in winter: The intensive care mask lies on your skin like a creamy fleece. Whether as an express version or intensive care during a full bath, it soothes, regenerates and smoothes in one step. Even after removing the mask, you still have a creamy, wrapped feeling - without any sweating or locking.

It is a 3-in-1 product as you can also use it as a moisturizing cleanser and cream. It cleanses deeply yet gently as the oils and waxes it contains penetrate deep into your skin. If you then wash off the excess with a warm, steamy cloth, your pores will open and any dirt will be removed with it. All that remains is a well-groomed skin feeling. As a day care product it protects and preserves all important skin functions; at night it supports the regenerative powers of your skin and provides moisture to recharge the cells.

And what's the best thing to do with your hair in winter?

Brush again and again...

Our scalp also goes through all the processes that stress our facial skin in winter. The temperature fluctuations cause the moisture to fizzle out, leach it out and irritate it at the same time. Now a hat constantly chafes and stimulates our sebaceous glands to become greasy more quickly. Due to the reduced moisture balance, this can quickly turn into dandruff. But no matter whether it's quickly greasy or flaky: it's annoying and no one wants it.

So here too, it is important to cleanse gently and brush the scalp carefully every day with a boar bristle brush to reliably remove excess fat and flakes. We can't say it often enough: This brush should not be missing in any bathroom as it is the main care element of good hair care! In winter you are welcome to plant them more often. Because the structure-closing effect is particularly good for your lengths and tips.

Lengths and ends are overused

Synthetic jacket surfaces, scarves, hats, electrical charges: our hair has to endure a lot in winter! The dry heating air doesn't make it any better either. The mane often appears dull, dull and brittle and needs a lot of extra care. Hyaluronic acid also keeps hair silky shiny, which is why I used it in our NOELIE Smooth & Repair Hair Shampoo . Every hair fiber is strengthened when you wash it and the Jericho Rose gives your hair the super power to retain moisture for a particularly long time. Yucatan honey nourishes and relaxes your scalp, while valuable fatty acids work on your hair for days, protecting and regenerating it. This shampoo is perfectly complemented by the NOELIE Smooth & Repair Mask , as it has a liposomal effect and delivers its care and active ingredients deep into the hair. Sacha Inchi seeds bind oil proteins to your hair to protect and retain moisture even when exposed to extreme cold. You can compare your lengths and tips with an expensive, fine cashmere sweater: it is just as sensitive, needs to be treated gently and cared for intensively in order to remain beautiful for a long time. Especially in winter.

Professional tip : You can create the best styling conditions with our NOELIE Protein & Vitamin Leave in Conditioner . It actively protects against styling stress and environmental influences, so that neither the bitter cold nor the heat of a hairdryer can harm your hair. Since it restores your hair's lipid barrier, your cuticle layer is so completely closed that your hair appears almost "flowing" and supple. The proteins it contains ensure vitality and bounce, so that another product can counteract the flattened effect of headgear. Frizz no longer has a chance here.

We lose 30% of our body heat through our heads

Hats and headbands make perfect sense in winter because they not only keep our heads warm, but indirectly also our bodies: we lose around thirty percent of our heat through our scalp.

Unfortunately, hats also ruin our hairstyle and strain our hair and scalp. Depending on what material they are made of and what they are washed with, a lot of substances get into our scalp and make life difficult for it. With a headband or hat made of cotton, you can avoid harmful substances, the annoying static on your hair and protect the structure. The smoother the material, the better. The headgear should be loose and airy, which is why a reinforced edge has proven useful.

With our NOELIE Grow & Shine Scalp Treatment Essence and the NOELIE Grow & Shine Volume Gel you can prevent a flat hairstyle: Apply it to your scalp and hairline before drying and styling to thicken the hair and give it more strength to lend. You can also combine the two, especially if you have very fine hair. Our delicate Grow & Shine Treatment Essence stimulates strong, healthy hair growth, so that your hair not only looks fuller thanks to the “fatteners” it contains, but actually grows faster and stronger in the long term. Always dry your hair completely, otherwise it will freeze in the cold. Even a hat on wet hair puts a lot of strain on the structure. Dull, brittle areas can result. We would also be happy to advise you on our NOELIE products and give you further tips by phone, WhatsApp, Instagram or email.