Goodbye hair loss

By Bahar Krahn, Founder NOELIE

Today we are dealing with a topic that is particularly important to us: hair loss. We see him very often in our Be Organic Institute , as we keep receiving inquiries from customers or users of our products." What can I do about it?" "Why does the hair loss keep coming back?" "Does the hair that has fallen out grow back?"

There is not always a clear answer to these questions, as the causes of hair loss are very diverse. So that you can understand as best as possible how hair loss occurs and how you can track down the causes, we will first explain how the scalp and hair growth work.

Hair growth - all good things come in threes

Oversimplified, our hair grows in three phases: growth phase, transition phase, rest phase .

Approximately 80% of our hair is between 2 and 6 years old, depending on the type. If your hair never gets longer than shoulder length, your growth phase may only last 2 years, for example.

In the transitional phase that follows, the root is already shrinking and horny. This process happens in about 2 weeks and only affects 1-3% of your entire hair. The hair stops growing. The calloused root is the small white ball at the end of the hair, which you may have seen on brushed hair.

If it landed in your brush, on the floor, or in the shower while washing, it was in the dormant phase. It is no longer supplied by your scalp and eventually falls out. This process takes 3 months and a maximum of 1/6 of your hair is normally in this phase.

So as you can see, it's completely normal to lose a few hairs every now and then. In summer, for example, you need a lot of hair to protect you from the sun, and in autumn the excess hair is sorted out again.

Protection Healthy scalp - healthy hair

The biggest factor in healthy and strong hair is, of course, your scalp. Blood flow, metabolism and nutrients determine how healthy it and therefore your hair is. The better your scalp is supplied with blood, the better each individual hair is supplied. If you brush your hair every day with a boar bristle brush, you can compare it to your daily hygiene routine: the detoxification of the scalp is stimulated, old scales and toxins are removed, the hair straightening muscle (we have it on every single hair) and the pores are trained can really breathe. Due to the increased blood circulation, every single scalp cell is running at full speed, and this means that your hair roots can work faster and are well supplied.

The less your scalp is stimulated, the worse the supply to your hair roots. The mistaken belief that hair loss is aggravated by regular brushing is therefore fatal. Regardless of whether you want to prevent hair loss or are already in the middle of it - a proper brush massage should not be missing from your daily routine.

We recommend a boar bristle brush here, as these bristles have the highest care effect on our hair. Brush your scalp vigorously daily with the boar bristle brush. If you have curly hair, you should only use the boar bristle brush before washing your hair. We do not recommend boar bristles for extensions. For everyone else, it's a real treat and the key to a healthy scalp and long-term strong hair.

The most common question when there is already hair loss: "But then I'll pull out even more healthy hair!" No, you won't do that, I promise. Only the hair that was in the last and thus falling phase is removed. Healthy hair is firmly rooted. You would have to pull them out carefully and firmly.

Your tool is a key factor in how long your hair can grow. Up to this day, every customer who comes to us has had plastic combs and brushes, or even metal , in their bathroom. These should be exchanged immediately. They literally tear up the hair structure and visibly reduce the shine. Very deep micro tears can appear on wet hair, which weakens the hair and makes it almost impossible to lengthen it. We only recommend brushes and combs made from natural materials such as wood and natural bristles . Because this damage does not take place here. They are also hair growth-promoting, antibacterial and nourishing.

Because hair loss can also be confused with hair breakage. If the structure is badly damaged, the hair breaks off very high up and thins out the mane. In addition to the wrong combs and brushes, chemical treatments such as bleaching and perming, straightening irons, scarves and hats or too tight ponytails can also be the trigger. The trendy bun has also caused many a hair breakage.

Your scalp deserves special treatment

Have you ever realized that our scalp is actually an extension of the facial skin? It requires a similar and completely individual treatment - but above all a completely different one than our hair. Since this is also skin, the pH value must first be right. Our skin needs a pH value of 4.5 to 5.5 to stay healthy. However, most shampoos are acidic because our hair likes it that way. The result is that our scalp microbes are completely out of whack. Where a lot comes out, a lot can also get in. And if our scalp is not up to par, toxins and bacteria can get into our bloodstream and organism much more quickly. And these poison our hair breeding ground and can cause hair loss.

We have specially developed a shampoo that is precisely tailored to the needs of your scalp: Our Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo preserves the microflora of your scalp with its pH value. Hair follicles are stimulated and the variety of nutrients and good oils contained strengthen your hair and ensure resistance from the root.

To reset your scalp and create optimal conditions, we recommend our Cleansing & Purifying Treatment from the Healing Herbs line . It not only prepares for our colors: clogged follicles are deeply cleaned and stimulated. This allows your hair to be optimally supplied with nutrients. The pH value is optimized, your scalp is soothed and the hair is strengthened. Dandruff, greasy roots, even neurodermatitis or psoriasis are combated and healing is actively supported. The minerals contained also act like a green smoothie on the supply of your hair. With the Cleansing & Purifying Treatment you are well armed against many causes of hair loss.

The list of causes is long

There can be many different causes when hair loss occurs. Sometimes there are even several at the same time and not all of them can be changed at once. Here is a brief overview:

  • Hormonal causes such as menopause or pregnancy
  • General hormone fluctuations, eg too much testosterone
  • thyroid disorders
  • medication
  • Pathological hair loss such as circular hair loss
  • Strong sun exposure
  • Care routine: harsh surfactants, silicones, softeners
  • Invasive haircuts like knife cuts, false thinning
  • Chemical treatments such as bleaching, perming, chemical coloring
  • Nutrient or mineral deficiency
  • stress
  • hairspray
  • Severe tensile stress (strict bun, strict braid)

If you notice hair loss in yourself, you should analyze everything step by step. What is my care routine like? Is it full of harsh surfactants and care and styling products containing silicone? Then get out with it, because you suffocate your scalp to breathe. And don't forget the tools! You should not let brushes and combs made of plastic, or even those with metal bristles, touch your hair. You only have this one. Blow dry gently and not too hot, use heat protectant products before straightening or curling.

Have your hormone status checked to make sure that everything is in balance. The gynecologist can do that, for example. Thyroid-related hair loss is often easy to recognize, as the area on the forehead in particular thins out first. Let them shine through once and you're already one step further.

When it comes to nutrient deficiencies and stress, the diagnosis is often a bit trickier and the solution requires discipline. If you don't get enough nutrients and good minerals and vitamins, the body will eventually run budget. Since hair is not important to him, the first thing he does is deprive them of nourishment and hair loss occurs. So the doctor may well tell you that your mineral balance is fine - but maybe that's just because your body has pulled them off your hair. Here, the analysis can take a few weeks. In any case, it helps to consume good minerals, eat a balanced diet and drink enough water. Gentle detoxification, such as a base treatment, can also work wonders here.

Stress completes this vicious cycle. It causes excessive slagging and acidification and eats up minerals, which the body then extracts from your hair. Who can turn off stress just like that? And the fact that the hair continues to fall out in the meantime creates stress. But everything takes time.

We'll give you the time you need and, in addition to the solutions already mentioned, we'll introduce you to a savior who can quickly remedy the situation: Our Grow & Shine Scalp Treatment Essence . Here, too, the extract from turmeric root can be found, which stimulates and regenerates the hair follicle. Hair loss is reduced and hair growth is boosted, giving you a breather. An active complex of revitalizing essences of ginseng, nettle, green tea and birch gives your hair cells an energy boost and the nourishing components of the serum protectively envelop and thicken the weakened hair until it has recovered. You can use it wonderfully once a week as an overnight treatment after brushing or massage in small amounts daily. Since both the scalp and the hair fibers are strengthened here, you can use it to support you in all situations.

Film-forming substances migrate everywhere

Care and styling products are also one of the most common factors for poorly growing and falling hair - also in men. All the silicone and plastic that ends up on our heads, for example through hair gel, cannot be removed even by a brush if the layers are renewed regularly. Metabolism, blood circulation, detoxification can hardly take place here, if at all, since you put a new, airtight layer on your hair with every application. "I only apply my products in mid-lengths and ends, so nothing gets on my scalp!" That's what we often hear from women when it comes to silicones and film formers. However, studies have clearly shown that at night, when we lie on our hair, sweat and move, all the substances on it get on and into the scalp.

Our Grow & Shine Volume Gel offers you a healthy and high-quality alternative. Can be used as a hair dryer fixative, volume fixative and as a classic hair gel with medium hold, you not only save hair here, but also additional products. The nutrient-rich active ingredient gel actively supports the supply of your hair root. A concentrated extract of turmeric root is able to reactivate hair growth and drastically reduce existing hair loss. It is not greasy and is able to neutralize excess fat - similar to a dry shampoo. You can also reduce your hair washes to a healthy level, because washing too often can lead to hair breakage.

Transformation starts inside

When it comes to hair loss, the most important thing is: keep calm. Don't count hairs, don't panic. But it is important to look closely at how hair loss could have happened. Because until such a thing arises, some things have not gone the way your body would have needed for a while.

Your body is your temple and should be treated as such. You only have this one. Trust in him and listen to yourself, then you will always make the right decisions for you.

We are happy to support you, just contact us by phone or directly at the Be Organic Institute . We have tailored our hair and skin products to the needs of our customers. With the experience from our institute, we are constantly developing them further and improving their effectiveness. When you, as the expert on your hair, and we, as the experts on our products, work together, we can achieve a deep transformation together.

Until next time!

your Bahar