Did you know why hair turns gray?

By Bahar Krahn, founder NOELIE

Sooner or later it hits us all: we discover the first gray hairs. In men they like to show up in the beard, while they kindly flash at us women from the front - they usually appear first on the temples and forehead.

At no time has gray hair been more discussed than now, as it used to be simply a visible sign of aging. Today it's what we make of it - some people want to stage them, others want to get rid of them immediately. Today we're taking you on exposure therapy: Maybe we'll give you a completely new perspective on the dreaded graying?

In any case, you will learn something new: we now know how and why hair turns gray. At the end of this article you will know it too - and of course how you can best protect and strengthen yourself.

What actually happens when you turn gray?

First of all, there is no such thing as gray hair because non-pigmented hair is white. Only mixing white hair with your natural hair color makes it appear gray. The reason why individual hairs suddenly grow back white is due to your pigments. If an imbalance occurs in your cells, your hair roots can no longer produce pigments, i.e. melanin. Instead, transparent air bubbles are now stored in the hair. The affected hair grows out white.

When we turn gray is genetically determined. Statistically speaking, it begins for most people between the ages of 30 and 50 and can progress at very different rates. In rare cases it can start much earlier: some men or women even find their first white hairs before they are 20 years old. But what happens now, why are we turning gray?

Let's take a closer look: Hydrogen peroxide is produced during metabolism throughout our body and also at the cellular level. What we mainly know from chemical hair dyes, cleaning products, bleaches and disinfectants is a naturally occurring substance. This hydrogen peroxide is neutralized in our cells by an enzyme called catalase so that it doesn't get out of hand and cause damage. In normal concentrations, for example, it flushes our cells and is harmless. As with everything, the dose makes the difference.

As we age, the concentration of catalase enzymes in our cells decreases and hydrogen peroxide is no longer completely neutralized. Now it damages another enzyme, tyrosinase, so that an important amino acid is oxidized. As a result, the enzyme tyrosinase is no longer able to produce our melanin.

Hydrogen peroxide as the ultimate aging accelerator

So now we know that our hair turns white when the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in our cells increases. But what about H2O2 added from outside? The answer is: the more hydrogen peroxide gets to your hair roots, whether from the inside or outside, the faster your hair will turn white.

So if you color or bleach your hair regularly to conceal your white hair, the roots will be noticed even more quickly. Because white hair increases faster than nature intended.

To dye or not to dye?

Whether you color your hair or not is your first decision. The second is: with what?

Thousands of products advertise a variety of properties to restore your natural hair color. As just explained, it is precisely this type of chemicals that is responsible for the fact that the pigment-producing cells fail more quickly and prematurely. What is supposed to restore your hair color will, in the long run, cause you to turn gray faster. We are often asked about the preparations that are supposed to re-pigment the hair and these products exist. They deposit synthetic pigments into the scalp and at your hair roots to make it appear as if your hair is growing back in color. Synthetic and often toxic substances are specifically introduced into your scalp and have an effect where the cells no longer work efficiently. Of course, H2O2 is often involved again.

Few tints still work without hydrogen peroxide. What remains are the color pigments and other synthetic-toxic substances that your organism is flooded with. Sprays, powders and brushes to conceal the first white hairs are also available in abundance, but do not offer a long-term and, above all, durable solution.

Let's start with prevention

Your scalp is also skin. We never or rarely see it and don't think about it, but it requires just as special care as your facial skin, for example. Skincare for the scalp, I like to say and I mean it.

If you treat your scalp as carefully as you treat your facial skin, you can prevent many signs of aging. It is therefore very important to avoid accelerators!

You can turn gray prematurely if you expose yourself and your hair to enough harmful influences. Oxidative stress also releases free radicals, which damage our pigment-producing cells at an early stage. As a result, pigments are no longer produced much earlier than intended and we turn gray. Nicotine, alcohol and drugs cause a lot of stress on the body and are common causes. A glass of wine won't turn your hair white, but excessive drinking and nicotine consumption will show up in the long run.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as hormonal disorders, cancer, acute, feverish infections and certain medications can also cause rapid graying. In some cases, the hair re-pigments itself once such a cause has been corrected. In any case, it is advisable that you pay attention to a balanced diet and do not put off warning signals from your body.

Our mineral balance in particular suffers from stress, unbalanced nutrition and environmental influences. But it is precisely this that is very important for the balanced nutrition of our hair roots.

In spring or autumn we can therefore recommend detoxification treatments and high-quality nutritional supplements to replenish empty stores. Vitamins and good acids and oils are also important so that the cells in our body remain healthy and intact.

Chemicals of all kinds are a decisive factor when it comes to white hair, because they also damage your pigment-producing cells. The more chemicals end up in and on your body, the more likely it is to accelerate the process that causes pigment loss.

Since your scalp has a finely branched network of the smallest and finest nerve endings, all messenger substances are carried extremely quickly and into the smallest corners - stress messengers of any kind trigger a chain reaction that can, in the long term, ensure that your natural hair color changes before its time disappears.

Hair & scalp care

So treat yourself as often as you can with a special skincare treatment just for your scalp to prevent as many harmful influences as possible. This is what we recommend:

Cleanse : Brush your scalp daily. With the help of a boar bristle brush , you can remove toxins, ensure good blood circulation and thus a better supply of each individual hair root. Our NOELIE Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo is specially designed for your scalp, gently cleanses and stimulates the hair roots. This means that every single hair can grow in an optimal environment. Deep cleaning : You can reliably and thoroughly remove harmful residues and chemicals with our NOELIE Cleansing & Purifying Treatment . Not only does it pull everything in and out of the scalp that doesn't belong there. It also mineralizes and strengthens your hair roots, keeping them healthy and supported for as long as possible. You can use this deep cleanser like a scalp mask before or after washing. Toning : Hard water, environmental influences and free radicals are neutralized with the NOELIE Grow & Shine Scalp Treatment Essence . The energy-giving super active ingredient from turmeric root also ensures more volume, hair thickness and faster growth. Apply it to your scalp every morning. Care : Our NOELIE Grow & Shine Hair Treatment Elixir is a nutrient-rich repair system. It revitalizes and nourishes the hair roots - this vitamin drink for your hair can even reactivate dormant hair roots. The hair grows back strongly and cell functions are restored. Protect : The NOELIE Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment offers protection against color loss, lack of luster or structural damage. It coats your hair in a protective and supportive way so that all minerals and trace elements stay where they are needed.

Dye hair without hydrogen peroxide

But how can you color your hair for a long time without turning gray faster? When we explain to our customers that we do not use chemicals and that our colors are plant-based, they are often not happy at first: “Henna? Then I'll be busy for hours every week in the future! And it doesn't last either! Then it’s better to do chemistry!” However, we can remain relaxed. Because our NOELIE plant hair colors can do more. Thanks to our patented 3HC Technology®, you get your color results quickly and for a long time, without any toxic chemicals.

Every molecule of the medicinal herbs we contain is coated with liposomal coating. This cover allows the nourishing and caring ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair and scalp, strengthening and building them up. This means that every hair root stays healthy for as long as possible.

Your hair color is not only gently restored here, it also shines and retains its elasticity. And the durability? Just as you know it: you recolor when the roots grow out! The best thing about it is that thanks to the natural, gentle pigmentation, this regrowing approach is noticeable later than with striking conventional colors. So you can use the color even less often and when you do, choose a healthy one.

Depending on which shade you choose, you can also achieve uniquely bright strand results with NOELIE Healing Herbs Hair Colors . No highlighting technique in the world can achieve such natural and eye-catching effects as the natural nuances of your hair. As soon as it is streaked with white strands, you can use our colors to create breathtaking plays of light. Since every NOELIE plant hair color is unique in combination with your hair, you can also receive tailor-made shades from our customer service, tailored to your individual needs.

And no coloring at all?

It's not the gray or white hair that makes you look old, but what you do with it. A noble, silvery head of hair with a style-appropriate cut can have more character and flair than a well-colored one. But it depends on what suits you, what defines you and what you want! Women who consciously choose their white hair also radiate it! Take a look around: even very young women dye their hair artificially silver or white. The tone is noble, cool and mysterious. You've never been able to showcase bright colors like royal blue, magenta or purple the way you can with white hair. A Snow White red on the lips with a clear, fair complexion can look just as seductive with white hair as it can with brown or black hair.

There is even a decisive advantage if your hair turns gray naturally: your skin also loses pigment and becomes paler and appears more delicate. This means that the white hair color also matches the skin perfectly.

Care and refinement

As already described, air bubbles are deposited in the hair instead of pigments. This often makes it lighter and allows it to fly faster. It seems drier and quickly a bit stubborn. But with the right care, you can get shine and structure, waves or even curls just the way you like, even in white hair. A lot of moisture and light oils that nourish deeply are important. The more white hair, the more constructive your care program can be to fill the gaps.

Our NOELIE Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment ensures the perfect shine. The colorless protein treatment ensures that exactly these cavities are filled up again. Your white hair will not only shine, it will gain bounce and structure. The perfect refinement for your white hair. Does your white splendor seem a bit yellowish or is it missing that final kick? Then the unique NOELIE Silver Treatment should not be missing in your bathroom. Unique because it is the first and only treatment that uses only organic ingredients to remove the annoying yellow tint from your hair. And not only that: the superfoods it contains pamper your hair with rejuvenating collagen, hyaluronic acid and amino acids. Again, completely: without toxic substances. You can also combine the two wonderfully to get a well-rounded care result. Like all of our products, they are perfectly coordinated with each other.

White hair is very trendy

Were we able to give you a new perspective? No matter whether you want to give your white hair a chance, highlight it in color or get rid of it: We have powerful and wonderful solutions for your needs that not only fulfill their purpose, but are also fun and good for you. Take it easy, because white hair no longer has anything to do with age.

We love hair and want it to be your very personal jewelry and receive the care and attention it deserves.

We would like to start a small revolution, or rather, evolution. Tell everyone about this insight - your friends, girlfriends, children, grandchildren and acquaintances. Support each other to treat your hair and scalp differently starting today. We have been seeing what happens to hair and skin for more than a decade now, developing wonderful solutions and helping people.

From today on you too are an ambassador.