Dye damaged hair healthily - without any toxic chemicals

By Bahar Krahn, Founder NOELIE


Nice that you're back! After we talked about the different hair dyes, their risks and modes of action in the last post, we'll pick you up for the next part of the journey: what can you do if you want to switch now? How do you start and how do you find your perfect natural hair color?

Don't worry, we'll take you by the hand. Like last time, we will explain everything to you in detail so that you can make a good decision! Remember, you're an expert on your hair!

Is my hair care important if I want to dye with plants?


Go into your bathroom and see what you use: shampoo is clear, your favorite conditioner or treatment, maybe also a leave-in product and usually something for styling & finish.

It doesn't matter whether it's an all-rounder or a whole series, expensive or cheap, well-known or no-name - conventional care products have something in common: they make your hair appear healthy, but you won't find any sustainable care here. That alone is reason enough to look for natural alternatives.

In order for the Healing Herbs Hair Colors to be able to color optimally, it is even a prerequisite that you switch your care completely to natural cosmetics before the first application. The constructive, nourishing color pigments would simply slip off this film, fall out again or, in the worst case, not achieve the desired color result.

And not everything that says nature on it also has nature in it! Did you know that "natural cosmetics" is not a legally protected term? This means that every manufacturer can write it on their product and it can still contain chemical fragrances and preservatives. So it is important that it is not just a natural product, but certified natural cosmetics. This way you are guaranteed to have a clean product in your hand that has been tested.

Apart from our high-quality Healing Herbs Hair Colors there are of course other good reasons why we think you should change your care routine as soon as possible.

Here we explain what your previous products can cause:

Every shampoo needs a surfactant to clean. They can do two things at the same time: They act like an emulsifier and at the same time clean very intensively. Yes, of course – a shampoo should also clean. But the surfactants, mostly obtained from petroleum-based raw materials, also radically remove good fats from the scalp and damage the cell membranes of our skin. In order to be able to protect itself again from bacteria, environmental influences or toxic substances, your scalp needs at least 24 hours to replicate these important fats.

If you wash your hair every day, for example, this protection is never there and your scalp will become greasy more and more quickly in order to protect itself again. Consequently, long-term consequences are rapidly greasy hair, dandruff, eczema, allergies and dry, itchy scalp. Your skin barrier is really stressed. We find it amazing that most of the products are even recommended for daily washing.

We know very well that there are excellent surfactants that do not irritate the environment or your scalp - because we use them. Our surfactants are of plant origin and clean gently yet thoroughly. dehydration? On the contrary: They are even nurturing.


Since there are many, many different surfactants, we advise you to google them.The hottest and most harmful of them are the sulfates - you can recognize them by the suffix -sulfate. The best known and most frequently used here are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

Since the structure-damaging effect of chemical hair treatments became more and more noticeable and visible, more and more silicones began to be used in shampoos, care< in the early 90s Install t38> and styling products. They make dry, exhausted hair appear softer and shinier again because they lay on it like a film. Sounds good at first. Or?

Have you ever thought about what silicone is? It is used, for example, to seal the edges of your bathtub, shower or sink. Because nothing gets through.

Nothing else is added to your care products, it's exactly the same. And since it lies absolutely airtight and watertight on the hair and scalp, the skin can neither breathe nor detoxify. Many manufacturers argue that there are fat and water soluble and that some are healthier than others. But the main problem remains: No matter which silicone, they all consist of microplastics, penetrate deep into our pores, into our body and our environment and do not degrade for a very long time.

They are contained in almost all skin and hair care products, as well as in dyes. You'll be amazed when you start looking for them.

There are many high-quality, deeply nourishing oils and active ingredients of natural origin that also build up and repair chemically treated hair in the long term. We like to work with cold-pressed broccoli seed oil, coconut alkanes or Jericho rose to quickly achieve a visible and noticeable effect. Once again without any plastic of any kind.


You can recognize silicones by the endings -con/-cone or -xane. Such as the commonly used dimethicone. If a product says "Silicone-free", it has one or more ingredients that don't end with the chemical name "Silicone", but do the same thing. You can find them in your shampoos, even more of it in care products of all kinds and often a little more in styling products.

The chain reaction of this chemical cocktail is a dream: The scalp can no longer defend itself against toxic substances from the surfactants in the shampoo and is now treated with petroleum-based silicone or similar substances flooded and clogged. With every hair treatment and wash.

If care and styling products then follow, the scalp is completely incapacitated from all the "joint compound".

Let's take it for granted: Conventional hair care

  • makes hair appear softer and shinier.
  • makes dry hair combable again.
  • however, has no lasting care effect.
  • weights down the hair.
  • permanently damages the skin barrier.
  • clogs skin pores.
  • Lies on the scalp like a film.
  • damages the health of your skin with regular use.
  • Consists of a significant part of plastic and is therefore harmful to you and the environment.

With NOELIE, this type of care is therefore not authorized. We do not use harsh surfactants, plastic or silicone.

Our NOELIE products

  • rebuild the hair structure, lastingly and verifiably, no matter how much it was stressed by previous treatments.
  • help dry hair to retain moisture again.
  • give your hair lightness and vitality because it is not weighed down by heavy care films
  • let your scalp breathe, support natural detoxification.
  • preserve your natural skin barrier and prevent rapid greasing.
  • maintain the health of your scalp and hair.
  • work with liposomal transport systems to ensure a deep effect.
  • are COSMOS ORGANIC certified, clinically tested, not tested on animals, free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, without genetically modified ingredients, and lovingly packaged in sustainable packaging.

Isn't it time to switch?

Healing Herbs Hair Color

Whether we change our diet, buy a new car or move, one thing is always the same: we need a little time to get used to the new. The same goes for your hair if you decide today that only nature is allowed in your bathroom. If you've used traditional hair care, you now know that your hair hasn't received proper care in a while. If your hair is also dyed, it will have large holes and now that the "grout" is not renewed, it will show how dry it actually is.

Your scalp also needs time to detoxify and catch your breath: if you start feeling flaky over the next few weeks, it's not just dryness. The silicones and film formers of all kinds will now trickle away. It will pass, I promise.

With step 1 - preparation

Cleansing & Purifying Treatment

Unfortunately, the most beautiful care ritual in the world has been somewhat forgotten. It's one of the oldest: brushing hair with natural bristles.

The supposedly cheesy brush strokes from novels and old films are justified, because they replace 60% of your hair care! After just a few days you will notice that your hair is much more shiny because the surface is closed by the nature of the brush. The brush is crucial here, because all the positive side effects cannot be achieved with plastic bristles. Because they have the best care effect, we recommend using a brush with boar bristles, such as the NOELIE boar bristle brush. Your scalp will get better blood flow through the daily massage, the individual hair will be better supplied and can grow faster and stronger.

Not only the shine, but also the elasticity and the volume of your hair increase with every application. In fact, it works best: 100 brush strokes a day, from roots to ends.

After brushing has also stimulated detoxification and old care and styling residues have been loosened, it's time for your new, certified shampoo. Both the shampoo and the conditioner for after coloring should be tailored to the color, as the pH value also plays a major role here: If it is not in the range of 4.5 to 5.5 for the products, your color result can be different be desired.

Our Scalp Stimulating & Purifying Shampoo, Smooth & Repair Hair Shampoo, Volume & Shine Hydrating Shampoo, Volume & Shine Hydrating Conditioner, Smooth & Repair Hair Mask and our Protein & Vitamin Leave In Conditioner are all matched to the Healing Herbs Hair Colors and allow them to achieve the optimal color intensity.

In order to be sure that your hair and scalp are as clean as possible, especially before the first coloring with the Healing Herbs Hair Colors, we also recommend the Cleansing & Purifying Treatment You have to consider: Various layers of silicone and film formers have been deposited on your hair and scalp for years. It will take a while for them all to go away and for the new products and your color to really take effect. This detox aid is just the thing for speeding up the breakdown process and gently detoxifying your scalp.


Your hair is very brittle and stressed from chemical treatments or other things? Then use our Intense & Repair Glossing Treatment before the first plant color application. This is how you ensure that your color is even and long-lasting. Do you remember that we wrote about Olaplex in the last post? Olaplex just puts itself on and in your hair like a plastic film and suggests it has healed your hair from the bleaching. Since these are also nanoplastic particles, this is very unhealthy for you and the environment. The Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment seals all structural damage right down to the bottom without sealing it airtight with stable tannins from the tara tree and an extract from sunflower sprouts. Your hair will be sustainably repaired and rejuvenated. And all that with nature, no plastic needed.

Step 2 - coloring

Healing Herbs Hair Color_Anwendung

#color choice

Choose a shade that matches your desired tone. Note here:

  1. We love Blonde! That's why we've created three dreamy shades of blonde for you. However, you cannot bleach it with it, as we do not want to damage your hair under any circumstances! They are suitable for refining light hair colors, for radiant light reflections or for covering white hair.
  2. If you apply a dark shade to dark hair, it becomes even deeper and fuller. Remember, we don't use invasive oxidizers, so Golden Walnut Brown would add depth of color to medium brown hair.

So that the valuable color pigments of your nuance mix well, you can shake the jar properly again.

Now put the appropriate amount of your Healing Herbs Hair Color in a bowl and mix it with warm water according to the instructions. You will smell it and feel it when you apply it: this has absolutely nothing to do with the colors you know. It is fragrant, it is comfortably warm and acts like a nourishing green smoothie on hair and scalp. Mixing temperature and exposure time depends on the color you want: the longer, the more intense. By this we mean not only the color result, but also the deep care provided by our contained medicinal herbs.

Enjoy the time to yourself and feel how your hair is deeply nourished and strengthened.

Step 3 - Wash and seal

Intense Repair & Glossing Treatment

As soon as you rinse it out, you will notice that your hair feels completely different. It is grippy, fuller and healthier. Rinse until no more color is visible. You can do without shampoo so that your new shade can intensify.

I like to use the Intense & Repair Glossing Treatment, the Volume & Shine Hydrating Conditioner or the Smooth & Repair Hair Mask according to your color - depending on what your hair needs.You only need a small amount, no matter how stressed your hair may be. Since we know and have tested especially for you where the nutrients are needed, all our care essences go deep into the structure.

In the beginning we recommend that you apply the color more often. As mentioned at the beginning, your hair needs time and care before it becomes as receptive as it used to be. So you will find that over time you will need less and less maintenance and less and less re-dyeing.

We can promise you: starting today, your hair will only get healthier and more beautiful!

Are you unsure which products are right for you? Our customer service will be happy to advise you on your new, individual beauty ritual!

Can we actually do UV protection too? That and much more on the subject of sun and hair care is in the next post - so enjoy the summer!